EMA campaign video

As New Year’s resolutions come to mind, I look back with gratitude for how my relationship with my body evolved in this year. I experienced the joy of coming home to myself through the support of body worker and Erotic Movement Arts founder Rie Katagiri.

Rie’s Erotic Movement Arts is a sensation based, pleasure guided movement method. It integrates sensual female-centered Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Sacred Dance, which includes the vital life force of erotic energy.

Through my own flow practice, I could also better assist Rie in sharing her valuable teachings. What an honor to edit these stunning dancers as shot by filmmaker Alba Morera. Shout out to EMA Shaktis Tara Tatangelo, Megan Baker, Anna Tidball, Kara Singson, Brooke Baker and Cali Fredrichs. I fell in love with the music track by MIHI NIHIL from their forthcoming album. Together we planted seeds, encapsulating Rie’s embodiment work into this short video:

During the forced isolation of 2020, Rie’s compassionate instruction and fierce dedication to her community carried me physically, emotionally and spiritually to a new place in my lived experience. I can not imagine this year without these practices and carry so much gratitude for Rie and her teachings.

To learn more or register for immersions, retreats and trainings visit eroticmovementarts.com and subscribe to Rie’s patreon page for regular tips and access to recorded embodiment classes for both women and men.

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