Beauty School now on BIG LITTLE GIRLS

Honored to be featured in good company on a short film anthology from MRG Collective.

Big Little Girls, a short film anthology, brings together young, diverse, female protagonists who navigate life’s challenges in a modern world. Order the Blu-Ray or DVD collection exclusively on Amazon! – Streaming release details #comingsoon!

This beautiful collection includes “Audrey’s Poem” by Moni Vargas of Nuyorktricity, “Beauty School” by Samantha Shada, “Best Friend” by Cory Reeder and Renaissance Man Productions, LLC, “Frolic ‘n Mae” by Ornana, “Olive and Mocha” by Molly Ann Hale and Suzi Yoonessi, “Play Date” by Paige Morrow Kimball, and “Shauna is a Liar” by Chell Stephen.

MRG Big Little Girls