Watch “Veggie Soup” for The SqueeGees

I was lucky last month to get to be a kid again with an LA based band for kids of all ages, The SqueeGees!  Check out my new music video for the title track to their 2nd Album, Veggie Soup:

This Veggie Soup music video was conceived and created by Samantha Shada with help from Jeff Wilson.  Jennifer on Swing Whistle Zing, a blog dedicated to finding kids music for everyone, said “the artistic mix on this video ups the ante of entertainment, I’m sure you’ll find it simply delicious.”

Veggie Soup was written and performed by Samantha Tobey along with the rest of The SqueeGees band.  The track was produced by Pierre de Reeder.

The SqueeGees: Veggie Soup is available on iTunes and Amazon now! 

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