See the MAGIC of Josephine Wall

A long time fan of UK artist Josephine Wall, I decided that my first introduction to stop motion could fit no better subject than her work.  The art of Josephine Wall has following me through life on gifts and cards shared by my loving mother.  Her paintings focus on magic, mystery, and mythology.  They recall for me the wonder of my childhood and inspire stories that I want to tell in my own work.

The playful nature of stop motion has a similar focus as Jo’s paintings.  The technique plays with perception, opening up a magical world right before our eyes.  Below is my little video take on her painting entitled MAGIC.  I am honored that Josephine’s gallery allowed me to share this work.  You can visit them online at and you can also also follow her official fan page on Facebook.

Animation of “Magic” by Josephine Wall from Samantha Shada on Vimeo.