Short Film THEY’RE WITH ME on iTunes

THEY’RE WITH ME, a short drama I helped produce for the talented Rachel Fleischer, is now available to view online and via your video streaming devices.  Watch the trailer and the full film on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video US.


Logline: Rachel Chachkes is a neurotic, love sick 30 year-old whose broken engagement has left her emotionally paralyzed. But all is about to change when she is visited by her dead relatives who help her in moving forward with her life.

Rachel approached me to help her with this short project back in 2011. It came together through the collaboration of many creative individuals, but most of all through Rachel herself – the writer, director and star of the film. This was a very personal project for my dear friend, and I am so glad to say that I am proud of our work and impressed by the quality of the final product.  The beautiful cover art, pictured here, was designed by the talented Akiko Stehrenberger.