Las Brujas Band Photos on Behance!

Las Brujas' own Seth Linker

Local Los Angeles band, Las Brujas bewitched the house at Good Hurt Nightclub on Venice Boulevard last month.  I was lucky to capture a few shots in-between the shots while they rocked out.

Guitar/Vocals: Brian Jarmon
Guitar/Vocals: Seth Linker (pictured)
Bass: Dave Lewis
Drums: Seth Olansky

Las Brujas blends the surreal palate of an early Doors with the classic rock sounds of Queen.  On the more alternative side, I have heard them compared to a Death Cab type sentiment.  Concurrently intellectual and catchy, at their best the band strikes that perfect cord where Art meets Entertainment.


Each band member adds a dash of unique flavor to boil an intriguing brew of rock music that tickles your cerebral cortex.  I can’t wait to watch these guys perform their magic again soon.

UPDATE: Pictures from the Wednesday, May 22nd show at Bootleg Bar are now up!  Check out the new album on my Behance portfolio.

Stay up to date on future concerts via the Las Brujas Facebook Page.