Currently in post production, Sexless will begin screening at festivals in 2017

Melissa Rivera
Kenan Heppe
Tinks Lovelace
Alicia Fusting

Samantha Shada, diretor
Alberto De Coste Calla, cinematographer
Ry Chase, sound recordist
Meredith Devine, key makeup artist
Ceylan Carhoglu, editor
Nikki Dalmau, casting director
Jonathan Derovan, executive producer

Sexless the short film explores the sexual and emotional relationships of a woman with vaginismus. With this story we aim to show how our relationships with ourselves must come first in order to have healthy relationships with others. What is vaginismus you say? Take a look at our Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about the film and this condition.

This project inspired me to take a deep look at my own relationships and the way I interact with myself and others. Learning to keep that which serves us and release any perpetuated drama additions is a very important lesson and one that I constantly struggle to address.Thank you to the beautiful and caring cast and crew that allowed this project to come to life! Thank you to actress/writer Melissa Rivera for trusting me with this story and to Alberto De Coste Calla for bringing it to light and capturing each shot.

I enjoyed building the visual language for Melissa’s script and can’t wait to continue exploring these essential, human topics:Sexless-Scene1-storyboard

Self Discovery
Moving through Pain
Self Love
Self Care
Healing Crisis
Trusting yourself
Trusting your partner
Sustainable Happiness

Check us on Twitter under @SexlessFilm. Thank you for exploring with us!