Beauty School


In BEAUTY SCHOOL, a young girl learns what it takes to be a real a woman with a little help from her older cousin, and the beauty industry.

Beauty School is currently available for festival programming. Contact me directly with inquiries.
You can also download our Electronic Press Kit for further information on the production team.

This is a very personal project for me, but as I have talked about it with the other women in my life, I have learned that we all have similar experiences. Was it your older sister? A friend down the street? A babysitter? We all have older kids we look up to. Who influenced you the most? Looking back, what lessons did you learn from them? The need for acceptance isn’t wrong, it just sometimes influences our choices as we come of age. As adults, maybe we see that other choices are available. We might even make different choices about how we present ourselves and operate in society.

Check out these production stills from our amazing cast and ALL-FEMALE production crew!

Directed by Samantha Shada

Zoe Staig as ‘Jennie’
Samara Weisberg as ‘Seana’
Sallie Merkel as ‘Stacie’
Jessica Gardner as ‘Joann’
Ben Fuller as ‘Jeff’

Sorina Sambula, producer
Aymae Sulick, cinematographer
Sarah Madden, editor
Tema L. Staig, production design
Gwendolyn Stukely, costume design
Melissa K. Webb, key makeup artist
Kat Fernandez, makeup artist
Sara Ataiiyan, assistant director
Ry Chase, sound recordist
Autumn Collins, camera assistant
Nicole Binnall, script supervisor
Sylvia Monge, sound editing
Seth Olansky, sound mixing
Christy Carew, scoring
Candice Mars Williamson, color correction