Meet Mary, Intuitive Consultant

Last month I was blessed with the opportunity to design a business card to visually represent the Intuitive Support offered by Mary Shada. Mary’s council has always been a valuable part of my life and I was inspired to discover an image that reflected the inner world and value of her work.

Shada-Conch-ShellI wanted to use a conch shell as the photographic subject for this design because of its unique ability to enhance and broadcast a message. In Hawaiian culture, blowing the conch marks the official beginning of a ceremonial celebration or journey. Additionally, we can hear the “ocean” from within the shell, but this expansive sound in reality is our own internal rhythms magnified back to us through the shell’s shape. In this way I felt the conch exemplified Mary’s work; her ability to enhance the message of our own internal intuition and send it back to signal us along the path of our journey. Mary especially helps individuals connect to their own intuition and discover a truth within, that can guide the way through uncertainty.

Conch ShellWith over 25 years of Intuitive Development, Mary specializes in facilitating another person’s own intuition in a fun and confidential way. Mary offers Intuitive Consultation services in person and over the phone. If you or anyone you know needs support through a transition in their life (be it personal, social, spiritual, emotional, or in any other area in which change occurs) she is happy to speak with them to discern if an appointment would be of value.  Appointments are $40. Contact Mary at for questions and to schedule an appointment.