Celebrating Mother’s Day

The latest design for Cards For Grandmother highlights one of my Sita’s favorites, named Dancing Dhalias in her honor.  Even though they grew a vegetable heavy garden, I remember my Jidea working hard to keep these darlings blooming all summer long.  Dhalias were the only live flowers I ever remember seeing at their dining room table, cut from his garden at peak bloom.  In this picture they pose as girls ready for the prom, with fancy shirts of taffeta and tulle.

SONY DSCMy Sita (arabic for Grandmother) was the first to notice my photography.  Sharing images through cards became a valuable form of communication for me in the years before she passed.  If you have the time, read more about the inspiration behind my cards on my shop’s about page.

SONY DSCSharing handwritten cards will always be one of my favorite gestures of appreciation.  Good old fashioned US mail works best; I want to deliver my heartfelt thoughts when someone least expects.  Shuffled among bills and anticipated news, I hope every card I send gives the same sense of surprise and warmth that I receive every time I find something colorful in my mailbox.